Sunday, October 8, 2017

Lamb duties

Nothing says spring like lambs. We are on lamb duty while friends were away. We first met Pia when she was a day old. Her mum had abandoned her and she spent her first month living in a house and coming on walks to the beach with us all. Pia is in the paddock with some grown up sheep now but I don't think she has realised she is a sheep yet. She well and truly imprinted on humans. She is very sweet and we've been enjoying the cuddles. I felt bad as I broke her bottle on the first day. But we improvised and I hauled a wine bottle out of the recycling bin. It works better than the original, though probably isn't a great look. So great to live rurally yet in reach of the beach and city. 
Hope your weekend was a good one. x

Sunday, October 1, 2017


We've had the craziest of weather lately. Hail, wild winds, rain, rain and more rain. The tiniest bit of warmth and peek of sunshine and everyone is all smiles and so grateful. Last summer we hardly swam at our beach because the weather was crap and the wind kept us at the waterfall or the streams. Fingers crossed for a good summer this year. 
Today I had plans to go to the Coatesville market to see the lovely Rhiannon from Toast Clothing Studio but a combination of migraine, the aforementioned super crap weather and a kid who just wanted to curl up on the couch with hot water bottles, his book and Xbox meant we didn't leave the house. I made my peace with that about 2o'clock and managed to ease into the day. 
I tried out a new recipe, drank many cups of tea, finished a job application, worked on a project I'm about to launch, and fondled some fabric in anticipation of a summer sewing project. It's been so long since we had a lazy Sunday. I even squeezed in some writing time. Once I let go of expectations about the day, it was perfect.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hot Springs

The boy and I just went on a roadie to some hot springs. We rented a cabin and it was one of those decorated in the seventies with formica and lino and that particular shade of orange that screams 'seventies'. It was perfect. It was an unschooler gathering and some very good friends were there. Such a treat to have the whole weekend together. And a total bonus to meet some fab new folks. Including yurt and bus dwellers. It brought memories back listening to the stories.
- saw the best rainbow ever over the marquee one evening. 
- consumed several hundred dollars worth of fish and chips on election night.
- commiserated together on the election results (worse than my internal worse case scenario - BOO).
- marinated in hot pools for many hours. Such a luxury to be able to jump in whenever we wanted to!

I even got to read a book. (I know. 'Free wifi' on their website turned out to be 100 MB so the idea of getting any work done went out the window.)
There were issues. I forgot my cafetiere - so had to resort to turkish but didn't have the right grind so yeah...had to sieve the coffee through my teeth. Then walked around with coffee grinds between my teeth most of the first day. Always a good way to make new friends. And I learnt that it's hard to navigate while driving - even with the techest of tech to support the journey - but we recovered and were plotting our next adventure on the drive home. Good times. Which were needed. The last few months have been doozy's. 
Yay for weekends away!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Being an ally to a child with anxiety

Do any of you follow Lucy on her Lulastic and the Hippyshake blog? I bet some you do! It's pretty cool over there. Well, Lucy has started up a website (and a movement!) called Parent Allies. 
I wrote a thing for it. I checked with my son before confirming I would do it. He contributed the last section. It's pretty important stuff. You might like to have a read, or forward the link to a friend or family member? 
Lucy just got a message from someone who read it and her words just made my day. That's the ultimate - to share our story and what we've learnt so that others walking similar paths may benefit. 
Messages like that are why I do what I do. xx

Here's the link:
How to be an ally to a child with anxiety

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Marriage in Australia - vote yes for love

I was in Sydney for work last week. The UK office made a wee (understandable) mistake in booking the hotel so it was an hour’s walk into the office every morning. It was a welcome bit of exercise and fresh air in days full of meetings and air conditioning. They were good meetings, with fabulous people and for a great cause. But still, airconditioned buildings. NZ has been grey and wet for months so even glances of the Australian blue sky were welcome.
On my walks into the city I talked with people at lights, got to look around, drank in the different bird sounds and smells. The topic I heard discussed most was the upcoming postal vote to legalise gay marriage. (Which on further investigation is the Australian government spending $122 million on a survey on the topic.) It is astonishing to me that this is even an issue. In my world, love is just love. Gender constructs come in later. I am queer and I suppose that helps my understanding but I have to wonder, do these people opposing gay marriage not know anyone gay? I find that hard to believe. How do you face up to your postman, boss, colleague, friend or family member and tell them you don’t think they should be allowed to get married?
Overhearing snippets of discussion about gay marriage from different people as I moved around Sydney I had to wonder what year we’re living in. I marvel that legalising gay marriage is even a question. Intimate same sex relationships have been around for gazillions of years – shouldn’t marriage just be marriage? Not allowing people to marry who they love is one of those periods in history humans will look back on and be amazed by. Can we just do the right thing and get on arresting climate change and working out how not to shoot each other please?